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Magic Wand Balance

 Merlin's Realm magic wand balance rating system. Subject to change as we iron out our wand appraisal system.

Our balance system is sensitive, most people would be happy with any balance except "Handle Heavy". The differences between balance ratings are subtle. But Perfect and Well balanced have a certain quality flow to them. 

Each wand is crafted with balance in mind, many times we do quite well with balance, occasionally


Tip Heavy: Useful sometimes balance. A wand that is weighted forward, this wand wants to wave and follow through. Good for intense wands that like to throw out energy. 

Perfect: Ideal balance. The wand wants to be waved and draws forward slightly. From a crafters stand point this is like hitting a bulls eye on a dart board.

Well: Well balanced. A quality balance, feels natural. As a wand crafter this is what we shoot to create. 

Good: Not perfect, not bad balance. Wand feels light, waves with a little effort. Wand tip will fall forward when you balance on the main pivot area on the wand (usually a curved indentation). 

Okay: Balance point is on the pivot point. Moves effortlessly, much like waving air. Not ideal, but works just fine. This wand balance has an energetically reserved stance. It doesn't throw energy out of the wand well, it prefers to store it away and offer it to the user through the handle. 

Handle Heavy: Bad for waving. From a classic pivot point the wand handle will fall. Waving a wand like this from the classic pivot point doesn't work very well. These wands work well if you take the end of the handle and place it into your palm. 





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Merlin's Balance Rating System