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Magic Wand Rarity

Some of our magical wares have a rarity rating. This rating will give you an idea as to how common or rare a magical item is. 

Common: Simple and quality items we craft and sell every day. Like gemstone oak wands. 

Uncommon: Items we make only a handful of, or don't make very often. Like limited edition wands.

Rare: Only one like it. One of a kind items, once it's sold, it's gone. Like our one of a kind wands.

Epic: One of a kind items with lots of attention to their creation, made during special celestial events, made with epic quality art, include precious gemstones or expensive rare wood. These are truly special items. 




Legendary: I shouldn't speak of items this powerful, not online at least. These are items of legendary quality, legendary power, and can only be yielded by legendary people. We usually don't have anything of this quality in stock. But occasionally the universe wills them into existence for a select few individuals. 




Merlin's Rarity Rating System -