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Manifest Your Reality Unikite, Amazonite and Clear Crystal Magic Wand (green shaft) #W32

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This wand comes with a choice of metal, tarnish-resistant copper, sterling silver (.925 silver), or 14k gold filled (14/20 gold). 

Wand of Manifestation, Manifest your Reality, Wand of Creation, it goes by many names. Adds raw manifestation power to your spells and energy workings. Aids in self-confidence, clarity of thought, helps to heal old trauma and attracts prosperity.

Amazonite: Self-confidence, prosperity.
Unikite: Aids in manifestation. Helps to heal old trauma.
Clear Crystal: Focuses and helps to materialize your manifestation.

Copper breaks through energy blockages, useful for physical healing, and overcoming barriers. Made with tarnish-resistant copper wire.
Silver is the metal of love, emotions, the psychic mind, and emotional healing. Silver brings patience and perseverance to the user. With this wand, it amplifies the healing of past trauma.
Gold is the metal of wealth, high frequencies, and carries the same vibration as biophotons (the particles of light that are in living tissue). Gold working with higher frequencies, sheds lower denser energies, making it useful for rising above the difficulties in life, both internally and externally. Since it works with biophotons so well, it is also useful for healing and energizing energy within and around the body. Amplifies gemstones much more than silver.


Length: 10.8 inches
Stones: Unikite, Amazonite, & Clear Quartz
Wood: Oak
Metal: Copper (20 AWG), Sterling Silver(20 AWG), or 14k Gold Filled (20 AWG) Wire
Stain Color: Green
Notes: Wand pouch is optional.