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Royal Jeweled Ash Master Magic Wand

Royal Jeweled Ash Master Magic Wand

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USA domestic purchase only please. We do not want to risk sending this wand internationally.  


Rarity: Legendary (Roughly 1 legendary item made every 2-3 years)
Length: 14"
Wood: Ash (Protection, Flexible Magick) 

Energy Switch Wand:
Each stone can be touched with one finger to activate the stones energy and function. Ideally the user would channel energy through the finger and into the gemstone for activation. Each stone has been energetically connected to the wands center channel of energy so that each gemstone can independently be used with the wand. Or used without any gemstone activation to allow all gemstones to be used with its energy.

More information on usage available here

4 Labradorite: Helps with staying power, your magicks last longer
2 Emerald: aids in communication, articulation, which is good for verbal spell work
1 Tanzanite: More rare than diamonds. Helps reach a deep meditative state, raise the vibration of your consciousness, links to higher astral and aids in communication with angelic beings and ascended masters. Dissolves old karmic disease. 
1 Opal: Aids in accessing and expressing true self, amplifies thoughts and feelings, which is very useful for magick work. Opal enhances the ability for transformation and sense of self worth. 
1 Lapis Lazuli: Opens third eye chakra, balances throat chakra, and stimulates enlightenment. Strengthens personal and spiritual power, protects from psychic attack. Amplifies thoughts, encourages self awareness and taking charge of ones life. Which is great for magickal workings. 
1 Green Kyanite: Connects with higher astral plane, connects with angelic beings and ascended masters. 

This wand has a high price because of the time/effort needed to make a wand like this, and the expensive/rare gemstones included. 

This wand has been through quite a bit to make it to where it is now. Started in October 2017 I had a vision of this wand. It already existed mentally/energetically  and wanted to come into physical form. The task of bringing this wand into creation has started.
Lathe to taper the shape
Rough sanded to polish off the tips and finalize the general shape
Carved basic shape
Carved both spirals
Picked gemstones
Carefully carved each setting for the gemstones
Wood-burned design
Painted with black paint around the gemstones
Gemstones Set
Painted black again for touch up
Gaps filled with wood putty 
Cleaned up messy wood putty, touch up wood-burn
Painted a third time
Careful paint brushed on all natural clear coat (done carefully to not clear coat the gemstones)
Burnished softly to soften and polish the finish
Applied second clear coat of all natural Saman finish

Powerful energy clearing and channel connection. Energetically cleared to open up the energy channel in the wand, clear unwanted energy and connect the entire wands energy together. Each gemstone has been energetically connected to the wands core energy channel. This wand is ready for easy switch activation, manifestation, ritual or healing work. No dedication or consecration has been performed, as these are choices left up to the wands future owner.


Each of these steps took quite some time to accomplish. A LOT of care went into the creation of this wand.

This wand rested in our Sacred Ratio Pyramid Matrix Charger in between steps, with roughly 15 months of charging up.


Extras: Wand pouch, instructions, and USPS Signature Priority shipping included.