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Posted by Casey Bopp on

Wait time: Short answer: somewhere between 1 week and 1 month.


Long answer:

Wow, we are busy...slammed.....buried, I'm going to go with "buried" with orders.

Retail: 16 orders: Shipped 0 today. 6 of those orders were placed in July. 

Wholesale orders: 6... or was it 7. Packed up 50 wands today for Flagstaff AZ. Shipped 0 orders. 1 new wholesale order came in today.

Wood shop: Spent 30 minutes sanding wand blanks. We are down to 13 blanks left, with 150 needed for orders. New possible wood shop employee did not come in today.

Administration: Paid the unemployment insurance again today. Didn't get around to filing sales tax. I'll get it done tomorrow...... Paid wire employee, thank you my two dear wire-wrappers. You are loved. ..... Ordered new business checks (only 3 left in the book).


Checked amazon emails.

Did not check email, did not check gmail email, did not check facebook email. I'm sorry  for the slow email responses. :(

Took care of retail store customers.

Worked overtime, exhausted, did not get enough done.

Typed this blog post trying to explain why your order has taken 6 weeks and it still is not shipped. I am sorry, I am trying my best.

Feeling feverish and sick, I need the rest of the day off. Allergies suck.

Manifesting new employees for assistance. Thank the universe for the ability to manifest. :)

Overall, tired, but all is well. Thank you for existing, and thank you for your patience and understanding.





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