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Updated and added wands to Red Oak Gemstone Collection

Posted by Casey Bopp on

All of the Red Oak Gemstone Wands from the old website have been added to the new website. 

All "add to card" buttons from the Red Oak Wands on the old site have been changed to links on the new website. This means the old website is for information only purposes, all purchase links should be pointing to the new website now.

Red Oak Gemstone Wands now have the option to be sold by themselves, with a pouch, and with a pouch and gift box.

New Wands are now available in the Red Oak Wand section. The new Wands are Clear Quartz Sphere Magic Wand, Amethyst Wizard Magic Wand(Amethyst sphere and Crystal), and the Crystal Wizard Magic Wand (Clear Quartz Sphere and Crystal).

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