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New Copper Wands

Posted by Casey Bopp on

Our copper healing wands are currently being made with a medium sized drilled fluorite teardrop. To the point, I am unable to find any more of these stones with my requirements. 

Once I run out of fluorite ends, this wand base will become no longer available until I can find more.

However, I now have rose quartz eggs and obsidian eggs both with an appropriate drilled hole. Both of these will become available for use in healing wands. I honestly like these egg shapes over the medium fluorite teardrops. I would love it if the universe presented me with Rose, Amethyst and clear quartz eggs shapes. 

New Chakra Healing Copper Wand:
Obsidian Egg base (representing the birth from nothingness) moving up from the base of the wand will be a set of 7 chakra stones (starting from root moving up to crown), with a clear crystal tip. I am very excited about this wand design, I couldn't pick a more functional and symbolic transition from beginning to evolved development. Price is expected to be around $39 - $45 each.

New Chakra Wooden Wands:
We will be producing a line of wooden chakra wands soon, these wands will have an inset gem for each chakra. Prices will range greatly depending on wand style.

I will continue to hunt for the best stones and materials for our products. 




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