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Some items no longer available, Website Changes

Posted by Casey Bopp on

We have been very successful this year with sales. WOW thank you!

However, because many items we offer are specialty made to order items, (energy amulets, pyramids, custom copper wands) our shipping time has been horrible. Some orders we were unable to ship for 6-7 weeks. This is unacceptable. 

I needed to re-evaluate the entire website.  

In order to faster serve you we have removed the pre-order ability for energy amulets and copper wands. Pyramids are temporally discontinued. I know many of you will be distraught about this news, I'm sorry. You can email us and request a specific item made to become in stock.

What this means:

Pyramids are no longer available.
Custom wands are on hold. We really love these, so we will try to bring them back.
Amulets are available when in stock and they are ready to ship.
Glass pendants are no longer available.

Gemstone Chimera Wands are still available.
Wizard kits are still available.



We are going to focus more on faster shipping, faster communication and less on hard to make items. 

New Magic Wands will always be a part of Merlin's Realm, this part we will never stop.   


We are here for you, and I needed to make these changes to be able to better serve you. 

Thank you.



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