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Ash Celtic Knot Magic Wand

  • 11000

Wood: Ash
Length: 14 inches
Weight: 30.6 grams (light weight)
Color: Brown stain, deep purple metallic paint. 
Balance: Well Balanced    - Merlin's Balance Rating System -
Rarity: Rare Merlin's Rarity Rating System -
One-of-a-kind: Once it's sold, it's gone.
Crafter: Merlin
Created: Nov 2019

Ash Wood: Protective. One of the most ancient wand woods. Because of Ash's natural flexibility it is a wonderful wand for those without a good deal of focus and discipline. Ash is like an intention filter, it will filter out stray thoughts and only manifest your deeper intention and focus.  

Notes: The three sphere shapes in the handle are painted a deep metallic purple, the color is very difficult to photograph apparently. 

Wand pouch and general instructions included.