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Silver Web Ash Celtic Knot Wand

  • 9000

Wood: Ash
Length: 14.25 inches
Weight:  30.5 grams (Light)
Balance: Perfect Balance  - Merlin's Balance Rating System -
Rarity: Rare  Merlin's Rarity Rating System -
One-Of-A-Kind: Once it's sold, it's gone.
Creator: Merlin
Created: Nov-2019

Stained brown with an all natural brown stain, painted with a high sheen silver paint and finished with a all natural clear coating (Saman stain clear coat). 
One piece construction. Silver flashes nicely in the light. 

The two knots in the handle are made with three strands, representing a combination of mind, body and spirit. The celtic knot in the shaft is made with one single strand, representing the grand universal web in which all things are connected. The combination of these two knot styles represent the ability to alter the web of the universe using your mind, body and spirit. Sheer magick basically.

Ash Wood: Protective. One of the most ancient wand woods. Because of Ash's natural flexibility it is a wonderful wand for those without a good deal of focus and discipline. Ash is like an intention filter, it will filter out stray thoughts and only manifest your deeper intention and focus.  

Pouch and general use wand instructions included.