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Dragon's Blood Ash Master Protection Magic Wand

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Recreation Note: This theme wand can be re-created, but this exact wand will not be. 

A true warriors magic wand, designed to take on and protect the user from even the lowest of denizens. Enchanted by Merlin with Dragon protection, thou shall not pass and violet fire protection enchantments. All materials used in this wand offer protection in a different form. A warrior weapon in defensive stance, this wand cannot be used to harm another, but is the best enchantment for defending and restraining unwanted forces. Best wielded by someone with mental defensive training.

Be confident, be protected. 

Made with very directed intention, general blessings are available on other wands, but this wand is the only style that will receive a full enchantment blessing from Merlin. 

Completed on the April 2020 Full Moon

Creation Note: Labor intensive magic wand. 

Length: 14.5 inches
Balance: Perfect Balanced. Carries weight on both ends, great for throwing energy or in use for protection.   - Merlin's Balance Rating System -
Epic Merlin's Rarity Rating System -
Weight: ??? (to be weighed)


Ash: Traditional protective druid wood. Ash is a flexible wood, allowing flexibility to magic working to manifest the deeper intention rather than a few stray thoughts. Great protection wood.

Shungite: Ash wood has open flutes (areas of open tubes in the wood), the ash used in this wand has had its flutes filled and stabilized with Shungite. Additional Shungite is in the handle under the leather, lots in the main shaft of the wand (inlay) and three bands in the index finger groove of the handle. The three bands represent and are enchanted for protection of the body, mind and spirit. Shungite has a natural ability to draw unwanted energy out of the environment, in this case is a powerful tool for defense and protection. The additional Shungite infused into the chutes of the ash wood fuses the two energies and they operate more as a single ash/shungite protection piece. 

Dragon's Blood: Anti bacterial, has been used to treat wounds (Protection, Healing)

Brass: Brass, as a copper alloy kills 99.9 % of bacteria within 2 hours of contact. Protective metal.

Amethyst: Spiritual protection stone, prevents possession from spirits. 

Leather: Soft armor, shields energy. Protection.

Opal: Just a small touch, it came with the dragons blessing. 

Merlin's Blessing: Dragon protection enchantment, Thou shall not pass enchantment, and violet fire protection enchantment. These enchantments are only available for this style of wand.

One-of-a-kind: Once it's sold it's gone.

Pouch included.