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Midnight Opal Maple Magic Wand

  • 9500

Wood: Maple
Length: 15 inches
Weight: ??? grams (needs to be weighed)
Color: Black stain, silver accents. 
Balance: Well Balanced    - Merlin's Balance Rating System -
Rarity: Rare Merlin's Rarity Rating System -
One-of-a-kind: Once it's sold, it's gone.
Crafter: Merlin
Created: Feb 2020

 Leather wrapped handle. Silver painted tip, thin band up the shaft and on the pommel of the wand. Very beautiful mesmerizing opal inlay. Good quality grip. 

Most of our opal wands are very labor intensive and expensive to produce, because this is a simple wand with a beautiful opal inlay it is our lowest price opal wand to date.