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Divine Light Opal Holly Magic Wand

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Wood: Holly (beautiful, elegant, expensive white wood)
Length: 12 inches
Weight: 40.4 grams (light/medium)
Inlay: Opal (large opal section)- Brass (7 brass inlays)
Handle: White deer leather stitched with white synthetic sinew
Balance: Okay Balance  - Merlin's Balance Rating System -
Rarity: Epic  Merlin's Rarity Rating System -
Creator: Merlin
Created: Oct 2019
One-Of-A-Kind: Once it's sold it's gone.
Notes: Very large opal section, lots of opal was used 

Pictured: Images of this wand at different stages of its creation. Offered for sale is one finished wand.

Holly Wood: One of the sacred druid woods. As a wood holly is the whitest natural wood in the world. As a tree it is an evergreen, which by name stays green throughout winter, magically this aids with surviving through difficult times.
Holly is commonly associated with fertility and eternal life. 


Visual Opal Appraisal: 
Green Color: Electric green in color.
Fire Color: Fire orange with yellow highlights, very akin to fire. 
Violet: Electric ethereal violet color. This is a really magical color.
Indoor Lighting: With direct overhead light looking directly down at the opal (the most common indoor view of the wand), the opal is always flashing with about 50 fire flashes and a handful of green flashes.  
With side lighting the wand flashes with about 20- 25 green flashes and a handful of
fire flashes.
Sunlight: The fire and electric green light up and show both colors, but the fire is brighter and tends to outshine the green. In all lighting there are small hidden motes of violet, usually around 1 or 2% of overall color.


Creation Notes:

Crafting wands for around 20 years has taught me to become a partial perfectionist with my wand creation. I pay attention to details, every little imperfection and am often unhappy with the result.This wand is one such special case. The small imperfection used to bug me, it has a funny little story to its existence and why it no longer bothers me.

Right next to the opal inlay in the middle of the wand is a black band that wraps around the wand, this dark band was made with a guitar string while the wand was spinning in the lathe (the friction of the guitar string burns the wood). While setting the opals in their own section, one little opal piece jumped out and insisted on running away into the dark channel. It wasn't supposed to go there, but the little opal insisted, the glue was setting quickly so it wasn't going to be easy to remove the little thing. I eventually go on to finish the rest of the wand. In the process a little air pocket made its way into the black channel with the opal. The little opal looks like it is zipping around the black channel with little puffs of dust in its track. The opal itself on the black background shines even brighter with the black contrast, making the little opal shine even brighter with its rebel ways. 

A quote came to mind when I discovered this. 
"We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents"
-Bob Ross

I once felt that the opal and air bubble were imperfections. I now feel that the little opal wanted to shine in its own way, away from the others. It dared to be free from the rest, unique and creative in its own life's direction. I once thought it was something to hide or not look at, I now love the little opal and its courage, once I saw it for what it really was.