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Merlin is attending the Grey School of Wizardry

Posted by Casey Bopp on

I have decided to attend the wizard school called "Grey School of Wizardry"!

I am a returning student, as I had attended 6 years ago. The school has added a number of classes and raised tuition. The tuition for attending the Grey School is still very affordable. $10 a month for youths, and $20 a month for adults, with a discount for paying a year in advance.

I have to admit, I am quite excited to start taking some new classes. There are 16 areas of study, a few of them I am quite excited to dive into.


I am very happy that I have two real life friends/old students of mine that are attending the school with me. 

If you are interested in going to the Grey School of Wizardry yourself you should materialize over to Grey School of Wizardry





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  • Sorry I would just like to ask about the website of Grey School of Wizardry as I could not access the website after many tries. Did they change it? I am interested in going to the school and I would really appreciate it if you might help me out :) Thank you.

    Ember on

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