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I'm sorry if I offended you.

Posted by Casey Bopp on

New sign going up in the shop:

I am ignorant to many things in this world.
My ignorance is not intended to offend.
If I express an idea or belief that offends you,
I'm sorry.

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  • Look in today’s world you can be the most normal, moral, upstanding person and some one will become offended by you. Just walking around in your own skin can offend someone. So if someone does not like what you have said or who you are put one hand in the crook of your opposite elbow and then bend said elbow with a fist in that hand. I think they will get the message. peace and love

    Random stranger on
  • Everyone seems to be looking to be offended these days. I thought part of being a wizard was to be “real”. Even if that means saying I don’t know. Don’t worry about offending. Be you.

    Mike Swan on

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